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Autumn Interior Design Trend Report | Our Predictions for Fall 2023

Autumn Interior Design Trend Report | Our Predictions for Fall 2023
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Autumn Interior Design Trend Report | Our Predictions for Fall 2023

It’s that time of year where we wave goodbye to summer and start looking ahead of the warm, cosy autumn moments. Home décor enthusiasts, get ready – there’s plenty to get excited about. Grab your pumpkin spice latte and open up a Pinterest moodboard, because we’re about to run through all the key trends to be aware of in our Autumn Trend Report.

Colour, colour, colour

It’s no surprise: as the weather cools off, we want our interiors to heat up. Warm colours and autumn always go hand in hand, but this year they’re going bigger than ever. The rise in popularity for organic earthy tones is carrying over into autumn with a big moment for shades of red, orange, and yellow. The possibilities are almost endless – a palette of rich ambers, honeys, burgundys, and cognacs should be the starting inspiration for your interior this autumn.

We’re also expecting to see new ways of layering and pairing colours, particularly between warm reds and cool blues for a retro twist on the typical. If you’re looking for a reason to give your walls a fresh coat of paint, or invest in a new piece of furniture with a bold colour, look to these rising trends for inspiration this autumn.

The Influence of Dark Academia

Dark academia has been big this year in everything from films to books, rising from trendsetters on Tiktok, Pinterest, and Instagram. What does this mean for autumn interiors? Well, look around. Pumpkins are everywhere, from fluffy throw pillows to ceramic oven dishes. We’re anticipating a surge in eclectic home decor drawing upon everything you love about Dark Academia. Think cute little toadstool storage pots, pumpkin candles, and leather-bound journals. It’s the season dark academia was made for!

Speaking of candles: what does autumn smell like to you? Now is the time of the humble scented candle. We’re anticipating an uptick in home fragrances on the market – but beware, not all candles are created equally. Our buying team recommends home fragrances from Baobab Collection and L'Objet for home fragrances that will last all season long.

Embracing Curves

We’re sorry to see it go, but the clinical straight lines of Scandi-Japandi interiors are heading out of mainstream tastes. This autumn, it is all about the curves with everything from furniture to decor going for fluid organic forms. With this, we’re expecting to see sofas and armchairs go big with bouclé and high-quality fabrics you can really sink into.

Along this theme of comfort, we’re expecting to see throws and cushions return to the spotlight, particularly in those trending warm shades. Set your budgets now: the fluffy throws are going to be irresistible this year.

Don’t Put Away The Vases (Just Yet)!

After the covid years, this summer has been all about getting back out there and exploring. With the end of summer rapidly approaching, we’re expecting to see interiors bringing the outdoors in with vases of dried florals, faux plants, and natural textures embracing the changing season while still keeping us connected to mother nature.

Layered Lighting

As the days get shorter, your home is going to need more light. We’re predicting all forms of lighting are going to see a surge in lighting this autumn, particularly when layered with existing pieces. Think a mix of pendant lights and table lamps to create a cosy ambience.

We’re sure more trends will emerge as we dive into autumn – and, of course, we’ll be bringing you the best of them on the Latzio blog. Looking for more like this? Take a look around, and subscribe to our newsletter for weekly trends and design ideas just like this.

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