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Design Inspiration

Get inspired with gorgeous interior design concepts from the Latzio team


Transport your living spaces back in time with our captivating 70s interior design style. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of disco-era vibes, bold patterns, and vibrant colours.


Indulge in the untamed allure of 'Wild Elegance,' where the timeless sophistication of leopard print meets the world of interior design. Discover the perfect harmony between the wild and the refined, as 'Wild Elegance' unleashes a sense of opulence and exotic charm into every corner of your home.


Transform your home into a visual masterpiece with our Eclectic Purple & Pink Interiors. Embrace the unexpected and redefine your space with a lively combination of hues and styles. From chic furniture to vibrant decor, discover a living environment that echoes your distinctive taste.


Immerse yourself in the warmth of Scandinavian-inspired interiors that blend simplicity with sophistication. Explore our curated collection of furnishings and design elements crafted to evoke a sense of cozy elegance. Welcome to a world where comfort meets style – welcome to the essence of Hygge Home.


Experience the essence of cozy and contemporary living with Norwegian Living Space. Discover thoughtfully designed interiors, inspired by the natural beauty of Norway, where comfort meets modern aesthetics. Your journey to refined Scandinavian living begins here.


Dive into the luxurious world of maximalist interior design, where bold patterns, vibrant colors, and lavish textures converge to create a sumptuous symphony of style. Experience a visually dynamic and delightfully eclectic living space where every corner is a canvas for extravagant expression.


Clean cream is the epitome of sophistication. Imbue your home with elegant neutrals, which never go out of style.


Discover the charm of modern farmhouse interior design – a perfect blend of rustic warmth and contemporary elegance. Immerse yourself in a soothing palette, natural textures, and clean lines that redefine classic comfort. Elevate your home with the modern farmhouse aesthetic, where every detail tells a story of relaxed sophistication and timeless style.


Scandinavian interior design is known for its simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. It emphasizes clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral colour palette. The use of natural light is also prominent in Scandinavian design, as it highlights the beauty of the space.


Step into the allure of Mid-Century design with our curated collection of interior inspirations. Discover the timeless elegance and modern vintage vibes that define the iconic Mid-Century style, and transform your space into a retro haven of inspired living.


Step back in time with the hottest interior design trend: Retro Chic. This style takes inspiration from the bold and vibrant designs of the 1950s and 60s, and infuses them with a modern twist. Think clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold pops of color - all combined to create a space that's both playful and sophisticated.


Curate a beautiful Japandi interior with our hand-picked collection.


Bohemian interior design incorporates a mix of patterns, textures, and colurs for a relaxed, eclectic look. Curate natural materials like rattan and jute with wall hangings, plants, and a natural, earthy colour palette.


Pair rich wood with textured boucle to effortlessly achieve the Luxury Ski Chalet look. From luxe fur bean bags and teepee beds to stunning bioethanol fire pits. Look no further for a true taste of luxury!


Surround yourself with cosy comforts and traditional designs. From the wallpaper to the curated treasures, create a warm rustic feel, even in the city.


Industrial style originated in the 1970s where warehouses, factories and mills were transformed into functional (and stylish) living spaces. This aesthetic trend incorporates wood and metal with accents of leather and earth-tone colours.


Sleek and stylish, Monochrome Noir curates a timeless modern look. We’ve flipped everything you love about minimalism on its head for a moody, dramatic space with a luxe finishing touch.


Whether you call it rattan, cane or webbing, this material trend is taking over our homes. Bring it to your living space with these stylish buys.


Get ready for the changing seasons with our autumn style guide, from gorgeous carved pumpkins and gold snake homeware to stunning new suede bean bags in shades RUST and MOSS.


Interiors designers snapped up the trend, bringing us an exciting new vision for 2023: decor that makes you happy. Think your favourite colours, prints and styles with unique statement pieces.


Black and white never goes out of style, so keep your interior eternally on-trend with our monochrome furniture and homeware. Accessorise a white corner sofa with black cushions and a velvet accent chair, or fill white shelves with a black vase or bookends. You can’t go wrong with this classic colour combination.


Reawaken your interior with our primary colour palette interior inspiration! This sophisticated approach has a timeless, high-energy style with vibrant accents and bold colour choices.


Refine your interior with a minimalist interior, curating a few key pieces with soft, neutral shades.


Mediterranean interior design is inspired by the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, drawing influence from Spain, Italy, and Greece. This style is characterized by warm earthy tones, natural materials like wood and stone, wrought iron accents, and colourful tiles.


Get inspired for a soft, cosy interior with luxurious Boucle furniture – then pair with rich wood accents and shimmering gold metallics.


Sit back and relax with one of Pantone's cups in the new Colour of the Year 2023. Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta is powerful and empowering, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint.

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