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In Conversation With House Of Ella Interiors

In Conversation With House Of Ella Interiors
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In Conversation With House Of Ella Interiors

Shanna Rogan is the founder of House of Ella Interiors. She helps busy homeowners create functional, beautiful homes that are a joy for them to spend time in. Her projects span across London and Sydney. She has a unique design aesthetic that fuses luxury European with contemporary Australian. We sat down to chat about her design aesthetics, insights into her creative process, and advice for aspiring interior designers.

First, we'd love a quick introduction to House of Ella Interiors! How did you get started? What started your career path towards becoming an interior designer? 

I knew from a young age I wanted to be an Interior Designer, but my career path into the industry was a little unconventional! I studied interior design at Chelsea College, but then went on to work as a Project Manager for a number of years. My first job in the industry was an intern role with a (now reputable) Italian Interior Designer based in London. I moved into a Junior Designer role, before working for a number of other Designers. I think the Project Manager in me knew I wanted that sense of ownership over the creative processes and designs, so I decided to take the plunge and set up House of Ella Interiors quite soon into my career.     

How would you describe the design aesthetic of House of Ella Interiors? Which interior styles, materials, and colours do your clients gravitate towards?

I’d describe my design aesthetic is contemporary luxe. My clients generally love a neutral palette, where we then introduce a rich mix of textures for comfort, along with some statement pieces such as artwork and lighting. I use brass a choice of metal in many of my designs, as it adds warmth and a sense of luxury.

Walk us through your creative process. What is the first step you take with new projects? Where do you look for inspiration?

All my projects start with an initial design consultation, where I meet the client in their home. We discuss all manner of details, as the more info I have about their lives and lifestyles, the more I can create a personalised design. 

For space planning, I get into problem solving mode – considering all the personal requirements the client has given me during the consultation, I sketch out many floor plan options, continuing to tweak until I find the perfect layout.

For concept design, it’s important for me to know how a client wants to feel in their home – and this could be different feelings for different areas. I then translate those feelings into imagery, developing moodboards that reflect colours, textures, shapes and light. Inspiration can come from anywhere!

If you had the opportunity to design any space, without any limitations, what would it be – and why?

I would love to design a new luxury boutique hotel. Hotels are a unique space where we are away from home and want a sense of escapism, yet they need the comforts of a home bedroom. 

They offer a great opportunity for a designer to be ultra creative, while remaining functional and practical.

What advice would you give to aspiring interior designers?

There is no one route to becoming an interior designer. There might be an alternative course or type of software that works better for you, so find your own path.

Also, don’t give up on making your dream career a reality, no matter what obstacles you face. It’s a competitive industry, but if you want it enough, you’ll find a way!

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, what are your predictions for changes within the industry? Are there any emerging interior trends you’re excited about?

With our planet in the state that it’s in, I think sustainability will be a big consideration in the design industry next year and beyond. It’s amazing that more people are mindful and are choosing sustainable materials, but I’m hoping there will be more local product sourcing in future too. 

Our In Conversation With series brings you insights, advice, and expertise from interior professional, from independent interior designers to large-scale design studios. Thank you to House of Ella Interiors founder Shanna Rogan for her insightful contibutions. Explore the beautiful new website at House of Ella Interiors and follow her on Instagram.

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