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Latzio Launches Procurement Services

Latzio Launches Procurement Services
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Latzio Launches Procurement Services

Latzio Living is launching a range procurement services for interior design studios. Our team of experts will take care of ordering, managing lead-times and any admin related to international deliveries for your project! You can focus on what matters: designing your client's beautiful home or commercial space.

We can manage the end-to-end procurement process including selection and delivery

For many studios, the furniture procurement process can be very time consuming. Here at Latzio, we work with hundreds of suppliers from across the globe to help you select furniture solutions that meet your project needs and objectives.

We can manage the end-to-end procurement process including selection and delivery of all required furniture for all project sizes. Our dedicated team can work with you from early stages of procurement to completion.

We work with hundreds of suppliers, offering reliable, quality and bespoke products

We have an extensive network of suppliers, from classic and iconic brands to emerging new designers. Our suppliers are reliable, focus on quality and can assist you with manufacturing bespoke items. They also come with significant experience in the  residential and hospitality sectors.

Our team can offer impartial advice to help you select the best furniture solutions

Whether you need to commission an entire bespoke project or just want some help with selecting the right product at the right price, we can provide you with professional guidance towards making the best choice. We have a wide network of suppliers across Europe that allows us to offer a variety of styles at different price points. Our experts will work closely with you in order to find the perfect match based on your specific needs and requirements. We spend a large amount of time with our suppliers, helping us to keep a pulse on the latest trends and newest collections to share with you.

Procurement services that align with your project

We have experience working on projects of different sizes and complexity. Latzio takes several factors into account when helping a design studio with procurement including:

  • Function – the product must serve its intended purpose well
  • Design – the produce must match the expected aesthetic
  • Budget – we aim to negotiate the best prices with our suppliers
  • Timeline – meeting a projects expected completion on time is a priority

At Latzio Living we pride ourselves on the quality of our services and how they can help our clients. We’re committed to providing an excellent end-to-end procurement service. Whether you need assistance sourcing furniture for your design project or putting together a furniture package, we can help! If you're looking for a reliable partner who knows the ins and outs of the industry then please get in touch today at trade@latzio.com.

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